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Filippo Fanciotti


Filippo Fanciotti (Genova, 1988) is based in Milan, where he alternates between being an architect and being a digital and figurative artist.
He began his career as a visualizer in 2013 and has always focused on the figuration of architecture, making it his main research topic and first freelance activity.

He is Scientific assistant at the Laboratory of Arts for Sciences (LAPIS) at the École Polytechnique Fédérale De Lausanne - EPFL, CH -, where since 2016 he’s tutoring and holding classes about architectural representation for the course of Figuration et représentation de l’architecture and the master course of Vision et Utopie, with a focus on the digital art and CGI.

Since 2015, he is co-founder and member of the architecture collective False Mirror Office, whose theme of investigation is the language of architecture in its declinations, the search for individual and collective archetypes and rituals. Within the group, his role is again mainly to orient and produce visual material.


The main subject of his representations is the tension of the human condition in its contradictions, conflicts and its relations with the environment. The desire to describe human stories, therefore not limited to a particular place or historical moment, leads him to search for a language of progressive abstraction from the news events from which his reflections start. Moving between the virtual and the real world, he combines the tools of the thematic atlas, architectural capriccio, collage (digital and analogue) and allegory to create discourses through images in which the quotation is decontextualised and becomes a tool for re-signifying the message.

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