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March 7th - 10th

Matadero Madrid

We are pleased to announce our participation in the eighth edition of Urvanity Art Fair that this year will be held at the Matadero de Madrid from March 7th to 10th during Madrid’s Art Week presenting works by Sofía Fernández Stenström, Mario Antón, Ernesto Crespo and Santiago Talavera.

Lariot Collective presents in its booth

“Archives of the future”:

In the study of temporality and how we make absent things present, we mainly focus on ways of making present the past. Instead, little has been said about making present what could be or will be in the future. Together, Sofia Stenström, Santiago Talavera, Ernesto Crespo, and Mario Antón address the different forms of personification of the future. They explore the different ways in which the future always emerges from the relationship with the past and the present, and may be represented as eternal return of the same.


June 10th - 11th 2023
Shoreditch, 133, Bethnal Green Road, London, E2 7DG

Lariot Collective presented Beyond the Scene a duo show with works by Ernesto Crespo (Cuba 1994) and Filippo Fanciotti (Italy 1988). The synergy between both artists starts with the concept of scenography. The exhibition will be held in an industrial space in Shoreditch from the 10th to the 11th of June.

Ernesto’s work revolves around the construction of the image within the pictorial and cinematographic languages. He becomes a storyteller where its protagonists represent his response to the world around us and essentially to nature and human feeling. In Ernesto’s art the concept of repetition creates images that cover a larger space of reality. Through painting, the passage of time is explored.

Filippo works on the relationship between architecture and art history creating allegories in which the architectural subject stages a satirical discourse that reminds us of Aby Warburg’s Mnemosyne Atlas (a metaphoric encyclopedia, with its constellations of symbolic images). In his work, architecture is just a stage and he becomes the scriptwriter that tells stories of human history.

Ernesto and Filippo's stories function as a stage for exploring universal human conditions. It is in the poetry of these elements  that we are able to perceive their work and reflect on what we see.

During the opening, we had a sound performance from BAG at 18:00

BAG is the poetry and sound project of Dan Allison and Jody DeSchutter.
Formed as a spoken word and sound art project, BAG has developed into a live and recorded sonic experience


February 23th - 26th 2023

Madrid, COAM. Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos Madrid

Pleased to announce our participation at the seventh edition of UVNT Art Fair that will be held at the COAM in Madrid from the 23rd of February to the 26th presenting works by Diana Zrnic and Ernesto Crespo.

Lariot Collective presented a duo show with works by Diana Zrnic (Croatia 1995) and Ernesto Crespo (Cuba 1994). The synergy between both artists starts with the concept of the image of the human body.

Through this, Diana works on the relationship between painting and sculpture and looks at the body as a co-processor of all information within reality and she reflects on how  the body transforms into an extension of the world in which it is situated; while Ernesto’s work revolves around the construction of the image within the pictorial and cinematographic languages. In his works he becomes a storyteller where his protagonists represent his response to the world around us and essentially to nature and human feeling.

Diana and Ernesto’s works invite the spectator to see the world as a stage where their protagonists are merely players.

1. Assymetrical Liberation.jpeg

BOTTO: A Whole Year of Co-Creation
26th - 30th of Oct 2022

LONDON, Downstairs at The Department Store, 248 Ferndale Rd, SW9 8FR


Lariot Collective is happy to announce an exhibition created in collaboration with Botto that will be held Downstairs at The Department Store in Brixton from the 26th to the 30th of October.

Botto: A Whole Year of Co-Creation documents the first year of Botto, a pioneering AI artist whose proposals emerge via a process of co-creation with the thousands of users in its community. Botto, conceived by the German artist Mario Klingemann, is an artistic experiment that opens numerous lines of thought, debate, and conversation on the tools that have only just become available to creative processes and the cultural industry market.

AI Art, Co-Creation, and Authorship: The Botto Experience

On the 27th of October at 6.30 PM we had a reflection on the role of artificial intelligence in art and creative processes, as well as authorship and co-creation work, on the basis of the Botto experience. Led by experts working in a range of creative, academic, and institutional areas, we examineted the possibilities and challenges presented by technology in art and culture, using the experimental process of the AI artist Botto as a guiding thread.
The talk, which have been presented by journalist Kitty Knowles, including the participation of:


- Mario Klingemann, Artist
- Rachel Falconer, Independent curator, researcher and Head of Digital Arts Computing, Goldsmiths University London.
- Carla Rapoport, Executive Director and Founder, Lumen Art Projects
- Carolina Fernández Castrillo, Professor of Cyberculture (UC3M) & Media Art Curator

MA_Ordo ab Chao.jpg

12th - 17th of Sept 2022

LONDON, 1, Frederick St, WC1X 0NG

Through an exercise to recover antique religious triptychs, Mario Antón (Santander, Spain 1993) reflects on the future of our planet, the force of nature and environmental issues.

The work of Mario Antón, has its origins in his family collection of triptychs, pieces that he uses as a blank canvas where he can express the current concerns of our contemporary world.
The triptychs have always been an emblematic format in the world of art, a piece which is not affected by the passage of time; these objects and what they represent, go together in perfect consonance with the historical context in which they are created.
They also have a certain political origin, reflecting the socio-cultural context of the period of their creation, equating the political salvation to the spiritual one.

In this exhibition Mario explores the different stories behind each triptych, and his work of process: from analysing the iconology of each of them to get inspiration, the manual work he does by removing the original painting and preparing the wood, to finally create a new imaginary and iconology maintaining the original spirit of each triptych, reinterpreting the image and the original message and its symbolism with a new language.
The new works emanate from Mario’s constant interest in ancient art, especially medieval and Renaissance devotional painting.
All of his triptychs work with the restoration technique in reverse. Like the paintings that have inspired him, they are vivid, realistic and silent works that make us reflect on the past, present and future.
His works are designed in such a way that they serve to cultivate knowledge about how to be in the world, to develop a deep understanding of our presence on this planet.

Lariot Collective_Santiago Talavera_Let the future be decided in small places.jpg

26th - 29th of May 2022

LONDON, 4, Garden Walk, Shoreditch, EC2A 3EQ

Lariot Collective presented a solo show with Santiago Talavera (1979) "Let the Future be decided in Small Places".
“In my works there is an abundance of semi-abandoned constructions that appear contained by theatre stands. As if we were the last spectators of some function to which we either arrived early or late, in these works the surrounding natural space appears to take the central role. The apparent "lack of event" allows me to develop scenes where the dispute is situated inside and outside, as if centre stage comprised the stage, the backstage and the surrounding building.

The landscape allows me to displace the main role of the human in order to propose places where, although we are "out of shot", we are no longer the only actors. The series of works The past will have been a strange planet shows small canvases painted with acrylic and graphite where storage rooms, obsolete machinery and improvised tests on architectural remains coexist with our waste, vegetation and non-human animals.
This interaction allows outcomes and narratives to develop on another scale. Perhaps the "time without time" that we have experienced during the pandemic could serve as a guide, as it has undoubtedly amplified already existing needs and intuitions: the desire to live in a time not chained to the means of production, to be able to attend to the secondary or almost insignificant and, above all, overcome the hauntological anaesthesia that reminds us of the nostalgia of any prospective attempt to realise the future.

No more dystopia shows the Hollywood sign transformed into a new emblem on Mount Lee in Los Angeles. Made during the months of confinement in 2020, this work proposes a reflection on how to imagine better worlds in which to be together again.


3rd-7th of May 2022

MADRID, Galería Nueva Barrio de las Letras

Lariot Collective presented "Unplanned Walk" a duo show with Mariett Monfort and Beñat Olaberria.
"Unplanned Walk” explores the way in which both artists approach their creative process. This refers to the act of making art, which is not hidden but instead remains as one of the most important aspects of the completed piece, so that a part or even the whole of its subject is at the end, the making of the work.
The dialogue between both artists invites us to discover the unknown territories of their minds, like in an unplanned walk.


24 Feb - 27 Feb 2022

MADRID COAM - El Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos

Lariot Collective presented a duo show: Santiago Talavera (1979) -  Mario Antón (1993), a mirror that shows a dystopian reality that responds to the current state of global uncertainty.
Mario Antón, through an exercise to recover used materials (religious triptychs), reflects on the future of our planet, the force of nature and climate change. While the drawings (hybrids between pencil, paint and collage) by Santiago Talavera take us  to imaginary places  of dystopian scenes in which the human being is represented through the impact of his actions and the viewer is the only witness of his havoc.


Instagram TMC logo 1200sq (1).jpg

19 Nov - 21 Nov 2021

Manchester Central, Windmill Street, Manchester

Lariot Collective announced the participation at Manchester Contemporary 2021 Art Fair that will be held at Manchester Central from November 19th to 21st presenting works by Andrés Lozano, Mario Antón, Nacho Rivera and Oms Rocha.
Lariot Collective presents a group show, a glimpse of our collective that works with different mediums: painting, photography and neons.
About the fair:
The Manchester Contemporary brings leading UK and international contemporary art to the city and has a uniquely artist-focused approach, inviting the most exciting international and UK galleries to participate. 19/20/21 November 2021 at Manchester Central. Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.



22 Oct - 24 Oct 2021

Arnold Circus, Shoreditch, London
Lariot Collective presented the first pop-up event in London: “Medium” a group show with works by Andrés Lozano, Mario Antón, Oms Rocha, José Luis Barquero, Nacho Rivera, Giacomo Bevanati, Laura Grinberga and Macarena Rojas.
Medium can refer to both the kind of art, as well as the materials an artwork is made from. The term medium also refers to the liquid in which the pigment is suspended to make paint.
Medium explores diverse approaches to the process of art but also the different ways of communication. “The medium is the message” is a phrase coined by the communication theorist Marshall McLuhan, who proposes that a communication medium itself, not the messages it carries, should be the primary focus of study.
With this group show Lariot Collective investigated the ways of communicate through painting, sculpture and photography with the new voices and talents of the emerging contemporary art scene.



08 Jul - 11 Jul 2021

Palacio Neptuno, Calle de Cervantes 42, Madrid

Lariot Collective presented a mythological journey through transformation and metamorphosis: the humanoid figures on the paintings by Barquero, often, without gender, walking through desolate and empty landscapes, hopeless. A mirror of the contemporary world, where survival  has become the only way of living; the delicate face masks and sculptures created by a net of sewed wire by Giacomo: mythological animals like the minotaur or the unicorn will perform around the space, remarking how it is important to follow its own primordial instinct with transparency.


27 May - 30 May 2021

MADRID COAM - El Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos

Lariot Collective presented a duo show with works by Richard Burton (London) and Mario Antón (Cantabria). The synergy between both artists starts with the concept of family memory. Through this, Richard rethinks on his childhood memory focusing on car interiors: their seats, materials and textures; while Mario does it on dualities and destruction as a natural principle with the background of his grandmother’s religious triptychs.

AF-UrvanityArt-Campaña redes-Post Solo S

25 Feb - 28 Mar 2021


A presentation of works by IZAAK BRANDT, London based multidisciplinary artist. Using the ‘body’ as his starting point he explores the mediums of sculpture, painting, film and performance. Brandt’s work draws feelingly from his career as an international dancer. Breakdancing has taken Brandt all over the world and through the form he’s developed intense self discipline, energy and a love of experimentation.

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