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Lariot Collective is a nomadic gallery based in London launched in January 2021 and founded by Carla Lariot and Luca Sandigliano.
The gallery works with an itinerant model and represents emerging artists and new talents in order to promote their work creating synergy and interchange between different spaces and cities.
We promote dialogue and international exchange between art, architecture, design, and other disciplines between our artists and our audience with us as the bridge keeping this synergy constant in order to become cultural agents.


Thinking outside the box

Some of the most creative outpourings in art history have taken place through artistic collaboration. An artist collective is a group of creatives who work towards a similar goal, united by political, economic, professional, or historical circumstances.
As a group, collectives offer a way to create impact through projects and exhibitions, we promote a collective of emerging artists because we trust in the new generation, in their researches and talents.
We believe there’s a new tendency in the gallery system taking the art world.
Pop-up events in galleries are quickly becoming the new model : flexibility, innovation and emissions reduction are the key for a sustainable model.
Pop-ups allow us galleries to expand internationally and nationally our program, testing out cities and neighborhoods and changing the static and traditional model of an art gallery.
Lariot Collective host temporary exhibitions, an easy way to temporarily increase the gallery’s footprint while avoiding the commitment of a longterm lease, this model offers flexibility, minimal overhead, and an additional revenue for a new business.


Carla Lariot


Art Historian (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid) with a Master in Museology  and Curatorial Studies  (Kingston University),  with 10 years of international professional experience within the art world. Co-Founder and director of Lariot Collective and with experience in Museums (Peggy Guggenheim Collection and Victoria & Albert), Art Galleries (Sabrina Amrani), Art fairs (Frieze London and Frieze Masters and international art fairs as exhibitor),  Biennials (Venice Biennale with the curator of the 56th edition Okwi Enwezor), as a freelance curator, and in Art Advisory as the specialist in emergent art and in charge of primary market for the Cingilli Collection.
Carla has also written articles in magazines such as Input Magazine and Esquire.

Luca Sandigliano

Founder and  director of Lariot Collective, registered Architect in both UK (RIBA - ARB) and Italy (CNAPPC), with a Master’s degree at Scuola Politecnica di Genova with a curriculum in Project, Technology and Environment.
Currently based in London involved at MACE as BIM Manager. He previously worked for several international architectural and engineering practice, and leads as coordinator a wide range of projects including masterplan, cultural, residential, and commercial buildings in different countries as Italy, UK, Spain, Qatar, India, China, USA.
With considerable experience in architecture and design related-engineering, is an expert in BIM process, computational design, digital fabrication, a passionate of integrated, sustainable design and with solid knowledge in project management.
Luca always had a deep interest in the dialogue between art and architecture.

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