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Mario Antón

Mario Antón (Santander, Spain 1993) is based in Cantabria and London, although Menorca is the place where he gets much of his inspiration from. He studied Fine Arts and Design in Madrid and his work navigates between the two shores, working as a designer and as a painter, mainly with private commissions and for the fashion industry.


About his paintings

“When I was a child, my grandmother made me see how the electricity poles and other raised structures had destroyed the landscape surrounding our family house. Until that moment I had not been aware of the extent of human intervention over nature, nor its beauty. An overhead power line, a wind turbine, after all, all these elements represent the denaturalization of nature of which we are already part of and the human tendency to polarize everything between good and bad.


Transforming and destroying the world as nature changes and destroying the planet itself is a call to action itself to create from the imitation of this greatness.


From my grandmother I took the first religious triptych to intervene that image of authority that it represented and superimpose another image from the sterile decadence of the present moment. The human being as the protagonist of a cycle of pain that does not cease in its intermittent obstinacy to impose itself on the minotaur of the earth even knowing its impossibility and the present and future ravages "

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