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Ernesto Crespo



Ernesto Crespo Garcia (Artemisa, Cuba, 1994)


He is a young visual artist and stage designer who currently resides and works in Havana. He graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts, San Alejandro in 2014. He recently graduated in Theater Art from the Higher Institute of Arts (ISA), specializing in Scenic Design. His childhood was lived in a small rural town in the south of the Artemisa province called Alquízar. Telling stories for him has always been a hobby, currently his interest is how to narrate.


The work of Ernesto Crespo García revolves around the construction of the image, within the pictorial, installation and cinematographic languages. His knowledge of the scenic and his concern for space-time remains constant.


Among his main exhibitions are,


Solo-show exhibitions


2020: BUILDING LICENSE / CAUSALITY. The Apartment Gallery.

2018: THE VISIT, Galiano Gallery, Havana.

2017: INTANGIBLE SPACE, Altamira Space, Havana.

2015: SHORT TIME IS LONG, South Border Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon.


Collective exhibitions (selection)


2019: PUZZLE, Taller Gorría Gallery, Havana. LYCEUM, House of Culture, former Lyceum, RESONANCE, Galiano Gallery, CYCLE-DRAMA, Higher Institute of Arts (ISA), collateral to the Havana Biennial, Cuba.

2018: ACORDAR Y REMEMBER, Ludwig Foundation, Havana

2017: Cuban Contemporary Art Post-it 4. Galiano Gallery, Havana. WHITE SMOKE, Ludwig Foundation, Havana.

2015: ZIP Project, Artis Gallery 7th and 18th, Havana.

2014: COB, Nassau, Bahamas for the day of Cuban culture.

2013: CPAV Eduardo Abela Gallery Award, San Antonio of the Baths. XXIII May Hall, Eduardo Abela Academy, San Antonio de los Baños.


Private collections


Lebanon, United States, France, Spain and Cuba.

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