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José Luis Serzo


José Luís Serzo (Albacete 1977) is a multidisciplinary artist who stands out for his exhibitions and his portraits. He combines the capacity for expression found in drawing with sculpture and painting to lay out a tale that mixes marvel, virtuoso artistry and fable.

In his work Serzo acts as a narrator of fables and tales, presenting other possible universes and building worlds that transcend reality. These worlds, far from being a refuge from a hostile panorama dominated by pessimism and violence, presents a positive alternative, a hopeful platform from which to approach and transform art and life.

His career revolves around series: each unique piece opens up a dialogue with his entire production: Post Show, The Fantastic Flight of Kite Man, The Welcome, The Dreams of I Ming, or The Lords of the Forest are some of his series, in which through painting, drawing, photography, objects, installation, video and literature as a thread, he tells stories that are somewhat dreamlike and with an optimistic transcendence.

He has critical and institutional acknowledgement. Juan Manuel Bonet (Ex director of Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia) said about him: “José Luis Serzo is one of the most powerful, and one of the most personal voices of the world of contemporary figurative art in Spain”

His work has been shown in exhibitions in museums and art centres such as ABC Museum, DOMUS ARTIUM DA2 Art Centre, MUSEO BARJOLA, Centro de Arte Contemporaneo LA CONSERVERA, Kunstbunker Tumulka in Munich, Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas, CEART, Centro de Cultura Contemporánea Las Cigarreras, Freires Museum of Berlin, SangSang Madang Art Centre (Seoul), Instituto Cervantes of Chicago, Fundación Botín, Instituto Cervantes (Madrid, Prague, Berlin, Krakow, Paris, etc), MATADERO Madrid, among others.

His work is or has been represented with individual exhibitions by galleries such as Galeria Álvaro Alcázar( Madrid),Galería Siboney (Santander), Galería Artizar (Tenerife), Galería Gema Llamazares (Gijón), PAPER Gallery (Manchester), Blanca Soto Arte (Madrid), Marena Rooms Gallery (Turin), Kir Royal Gallery (Valencia), Moproo Gallery (Shanghai), MCO (Porto) or Ferran Cano (Palma de Mallorca, Barcelona). His work has been shown at international fairs such as ARCO, ART COLOGNE, CONTEXT MIAMI, SWAB, ART BEIJING, ARTELISBOA, ARTEBA (Buenos Aires), ARTFRANKFURT, ART LOS ÁNGELES, SCOPEMIAMI, SCOPEMIAMI, etc

His work is represented in many national and international private collections, as well as in public collections.

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