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Mariett Monfort


Multidisciplinary artist with a taste for the aesthetic and the architectural, self-taught, Mariett Monfort generates her own patterns in the course of the creative process. As a child the world of images was always a safer and more solid space than was the world of words, thus enabling the ideal means to spin the artist's multiple and contradictory personalities, at times intuitive and at others conceptual.

Formed in the Art Students League in New York, which counted among its students  Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner, Mariett has exhibited individually and collectively in Spain, Mexico, the United States and Italy. She is currently working on a new pictorial series entitled "My Brain" in which she intends to make a "universe" of the chaos of thoughts in order to better know herself and thusly make herself known, as well as attain the success achieved in her photography installation project, "Almas Geometricas".

At the age of 23, Mariett Monfort (Madrid, 1983) moved from Spain and entered the world of marketing and advertising. Her career first took her to Paris and then to New York, where her work with different photographers and creatives led her to make a connection with the art world.

In 2010 Mariett exhibited her first photography installation in Madrid and attained great success, encouraging her to pursue her artistic and creative side which she professionalized during her three-year stay in Mexico City. 

In Mexico, in addition to discovering another world full of color and new experience and learning from its culture and landscapes, she completed a Master's degree in photography lighting, concurrently developing her most successful project to date, 

"Almas Geometricas". The diversity in cultures, landscapes and languages are reflected in her work, shown either through small figures devoured by large spaces, or through mixtures of abstract elements that contrast with the figurative, suggesting the presence of being and the budding soul: on the one hand, fragile and vulnerable whereas on the other firm and strong before the apparent meaningless of existence until the search for light or a safe path. 

In 2016, again in New York, Mariett discovered her talent for painting while studying under the guidance of her mentor, American painter Ronnie Landfield.

Since then, she has focused on her pictorial work, although never abandoning photography and the other disciplines being explored...sculpture...


2021- Vandart -SOLO show in SOHo, New York.

2020- WW Pandemic

2019-The Phyllis Harriman Maison Gallery, New York, Special Mention

2018- Art Miami-New York in VK Gallery in New York

2018- The Phyllis Harriman Maison Gallery, New York, Special Mention

2018- Permanent exhibition in Gaudi Gallery, Madrid

2018- AAF Milano, Gaudi Gallery

2017- Private event in Amanali Golf Club. Intervened photography

2017- Exhibition of Contemporary Art - Club de empresarios- México DF.Intervened photography and sculpture

2017- Exhibition in UBS Gallery in Madrid, Intervened photography

2017-The Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery, New York

2016- Exhibition of Contemporary Art - Club de empresarios- México DF.Intervened photography and sculpture

2016- Art Basel week, Art House Valle de Bravo. Intervened photography

since 2015-Permanent exhibition in Mosca Gallery Madrid . Intervened photography

since 2015-Permanent exhibition in Art House Gallery in Valle de Bravo (Mexico)Intervened photography

2015-Exhibition of Contemporary Art - Club de empresarios- México DF.Intervened photography and sculpture

2014-“feria de arte School Foundation” in Mexico. Intervened photography and sculpture

2014-Exhibition in Millesime annual event México. Intervened photography

2012-” “, New York. Intervened photography

2011-Exhibition in UBS Gallery in Madrid. Intervened photography

2011-Exhibition in Palacio del Retiro Hotel Madrid. Intervened photography

2010-Exhibtion in La Vaquería Suiza in Madrid Intervened photography

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