Toby Preston

Toby Preston (Lancashire, 1994) lives and Works in London and studied at the Bartlett School of Architecture (RIBA / ARB Part 2) and at the University of Sheffield (RIBA/ ARB Part 2).

He works in graphic design, architecture and currently as a part of the design team at Cox London.

Toby Preston is an artist, designer and writer working in pursuit of the immaterial sound of hope and joy, and designs frictionless tools (machines...) that help him best produce all that he feels coming out of him. The results are a body of work in praise of time, life and all things left-to-right.

Toby approaches his subject matter with a rigorous and researched approach, exemplified by a portfolio of invented, realised, tested and documented tools, processes and practices. -Self and –Outward scrutiny presides throughout his work, wherein he explores the extremities of creative possibility. His ever-re-written ‘Manifesto for the Split-Self', 2019+ is an ongoing attempt to document this pursuit and its findings.

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