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Nacho Rivera


Nacho Rivera (b.1977) is a Spanish photographer from Madrid based in London.


“Photography helps me to see and understand myself and others from a humanistic perspective, and to experience life more vividly.


I worry that modern society is becoming more polarized and superficial. In response, my underlying curiosity about people and cultures leads me to explore the subtle links between them, raising questions about values such as respect, spirituality and empathy.


In my practice, I choose to use traditional analogue black and white photography. I avoid colour to help me to focus on the essence of the subjects, bringing visual harmony and simplicity to my work.


Using analogue cameras requires me to work slowly and with awareness, allowing me to form deeper connections with the people and spaces that I photograph. The process also helps me to embrace imperfection, a concept that links the beauty of the human condition and the uniqueness of the hand made prints in the darkroom.”


His projects have been displayed in Museums, Galleries and International Photography Festivals such as Mediterranean Museum in Catalunya or The London Photo Show in London. He has also been recognised in international photography contests including the Fine Art Photography Awards.


Aside from his personal work, he specializes in portrait, interiors, travel and lifestyle photography.


As a photography teacher and mentor, he has taught in schools such as the Lycée Français Charles De Gaulle and Kings College. He currently leads private photography workshops in London.


2012. Analogue photography degree. Public Photography School Ayto Getafe. ESP.

2000. Technical Architecture in Polytechnic University of Madrid. ESP.


2016. Workshop. By Juan Manuel Díaz Burgos. Culture Ministry of Spain. Madrid. ESP.

2015. Workshop. Nadarat. By Julian Ochoa and Daniel Casares. Morocco.

2014. Workshop. How to introduce in art. By Juan Carlos Sanchez. Madrid. ESP.

Solo Exhibitions

2020. Pure. Museum of Mediterranean. Torroella de Montgrí. Girona. ESP.

2015. Slaves. Espacio Quoncor. Malasaña. Madrid. ESP.

2014. Boarding Pass. Espacio8 Gallery. Madrid. ESP.

2014. Boarding Pass. Colegio Arquitectos Técnicos de Madrid. Madrid. ESP.

Group Exhibitions

2020. “In praise of generosity”. RevelaT Analog Festival. Barcelona. ESP.

2019. “Tales”. The London Photo Show. Oxo Tower. London. UK.

2018. “Domine Dirige Nos”. A tale of 5 cities. Luna 13 Galería. London. UK.

2017. “We are back”. Tagomago collectors Project. Barcelona. ESP.

2015. “Slaves”. RevelaT. Analog Festival. Barcelona. ESP.

2014. “A través de Nopo”. Espacio Sol Malasaña. Madrid. ESP.

2014. “Microexhibitions”. RevelaT. Analog Festival. Barcelona. ESP.

2013. “Con mala saña.” Qeel Bordel!. Malasaña. Madrid. ESP.

2013. “Solo estoy mirando”. Mercado de la Cebada. Madrid. ESP.

2010. “Una Mirada SoliDHaria”. Amnesty International. Madrid. ESP.



Artist Residences & Awards


2019. Residence for photographic creation and experimentation. RevelaT. ESP.

2018. Residence Seminary Albarracín. ESP.

2017. Shortlisted. International Fine Art Photo Awards. Fapa. London. UK.

2016. Residence Seminary Albarracín. ESP.

2011. Honorary mention. Estampa, Efti. Madrid. ESP.

2011. 1st Award. Obturaciones photography contest. Sevilla. ESP.

2010. Accesit. Una Mirada SoliDHaria Amnistía Internacional. Madrid. ESP.

2008. Accesit. IV Concurso de fotografía mi+d open photo. Madrid. ESP.

2008. Accesit. Fotografía del verano. Fnac. Madrid. ESP.

2007.1st Award. Landscapes contest. Altran. Madrid. ESP.

2007. 2st Award. Seguridart. Madrid. ESP.



2020. London Creative Network. European Union Project. Four Corners. London. UK.



2020. “Travel photography is dead”. RevelaT Analog Festival. Barcelona. ESP.

2018. “The Oval”. PhotoForum. The Printspace. London. UK.

2017. “Portfolio Presentation”. The Photographer´s Gallery. London. UK.

Workshops & Courses


2018. Creative Photography Workshops. King’s College. London. UK.

2017. Photography teacher at Lycée Français Charles De Gaulle. London. UK.

Publications & Press

2017. Photoartmag. Online photography magazine.

2017. Quitarfotos. Online photography magazine.

2017. Carretezine. Analog photography magazine.

2013. Boxing. Sales de plata blog.

2010. Sin City. La media vida blog.

2010. The Doors. Anormalmag.

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