Macarena Rojas

Macarena Rojas was born in 1985 in Lima, Peru. She studied Architecture at the Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas and subsequently transferred to the Communications Department, where she graduated in 2009. In 2012 she did the General Studies in Photography Program at the International Center of Photography in New York and in 2017 she received her Masters in Fine Arts at The Royal College of Art in London.

Her work has been exhibited in Crisis Galería Lima (2019), Art Lima (2018), Museo AMANO Lima (2018), Camden Arts Center London (2017), Edinburgh College of Art (2016), Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Lima (2016), ArtBo Bogotá (2016), Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Santiago de Chile (2014), Wu Galería (2014-2015), International Center of Photography New York (2012), Triskelion Arts New York (2013), amongst other public and privately held exhibitions. In 2019, her works on paper were proposed to represent Perú in the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington DC. She is currently focused in doing research on Affect Theory and bringing this into artist run exhibitions. Her first attempt was a Pop-up Exhibition called “Gallery-Gallery” which she co-curated with Gerardo Chávez-Maza and took place in Lima in 2018. She lives and works in London.


On Drawing:

I have always found the possibilities of paper and drawing are the ones I feel the most drawn to. There is something extremely raw, close and honest about our attempts on paper. Not only does paper’s materiality has infinite alternatives, but so does its scale and the malleability of its presence. I also like the idea of how humble and accessible paper is because it responds to the idea of how an artist is present everyday.

I think of paper as an antidote to anxiety, an emotion receptacle, a space of thought, a place to scream, a private space, a daily ritual, and obviously, the one and only space for a figurative drawing. I also find ink and graphite to be the materials I feel the most comfortable working with, and the ones that respond to the questions I may have as an artist. I see drawing on paper as a mantra, something that brings you into a different state of mind and connects you to thoughts and inner processes that would otherwise not be seen


2015-2017. MA in Sculpture. Royal College of Art, London.

2012. General Studies in Photography. International Center of Photography, New York.

2009. BA in Communications. Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas, Lima.

2003-2004. Architecture Foundation. Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas, Lima.

2001. Black and White Photography. Centro de la Imagen, Lima.


Solo Shows

2018. “Prácticas inconsistentes: En una segunda Lengua me refugio”. Crisis Galería, Lima

2015. "Música es Por Musa." Wu Gallery, Lima.

2012. "Viruses Come with the Wind." Galería Corriente Alterna, Lima.



Group Shows

2020. Upcoming Exhibition for the runner ups of: Women to watch: paper routes, National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington DC.

2018. Gallery, Gallery. Lima Gallery Weekend.

2018. Museo a Mano, “La voz que se oye se deja oír”, Lima

2018. María Galería, The motherblankets, Lima

2018. Art Lima, “Shared Lyrics”, Lima

2017. RCA Graduate Final Show, London

2017. Camden Arts Centre, London

2016. The Crypt Gallery, London

2016. Edingburgh College of Art, Scotland

2015. ArtBo Contemporary Art Fair. Bogotá.

2014. "La Encomienda en Chile." Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Santiago de Chile.

2014. "Nartificial." Studio 109, Brooklyn.

2014. "No View." Galería Wu, Lima.

2013. Pulse Contemporary Art Fair. Miami.

2013. "HiperRealismo." Galería Impakto, Lima.

2013. "Merge." Triskelion Arts, Brooklyn.

2013. Art Lima Contemporary Art Fair. Lima. 

2013. "Amorcito Corazón." Centro Cultural Ricardo Palma, Lima.

2012. Scope Contemporary Art Fair. Miami.

2012. ArtBo Contemporary Art Fair. Bogotá.

2012. “Noche de Arte - 2012.” United States Embassy Association of LIma, Lima.

2012. “Homo Ludens/Urbe Ludens.” Centro Cultural El Olivar, Lima.

2012. “My Truth, Your Truth.” Rita K. Hillman Gallery, International Center of Photography, New York.

2012. “Código Postal.” Galería Vértice, Lima.

2012. “None - On - Assenza dei sensi.” Palazzo Arese Borromeo a Cesano Maderno, Milan.


Artist Run Projects

2018. “Gallery, Gallery”. Lima



2019. Runner Up: Women to Watch: Paper Routes, National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington

2013. "Ricadonna" Prize. Winner. Lima.

2013. "ORA" Prize. Selected as a finalist. Online.

2012. "Prix de la Photographie Paris" Prize. 1st place in “Fine Art – Abstract” category. Paris.

2012. "Prix de la Photographie Paris" Prize. 3rd place in “Fine Art – Still Life” category. Paris.




2016. The Sea as an Agent to Fathom my Latin American Identity in the context of London Postcolonial Society, London



2015. "La Ciencia de la Música." El Comercio Newspaper, Lima. 

2014. "Orgullo Peruano." Cosas Magazine, Lima.

2014. "Encomienda, Remitente Perú" by Waldemar Sommer. El Mercurio Newspaper, Santiago de Chile.

2014. "Obra Escondida" by Tatiana Palla. Somos Magazine, Lima.

2014. "Para Verte Mejor" by Luis Lama. Caretas Magazine, Lima.

2013. “Unless you Will.” by Heidi Romano. Online Magazine

2012. “La Ciencia de lo Sensible” by Gabriela Diaz. Art Motiv Magazine, Lima.

2012. “Imaginario Microscópico” by Marissa Chiappe. El Comercio Newspaper, Lima. 

2012. "La Exposición.” De Boca en Boca Magazine, Lima.

2012. “Order Disorder,” SHIFT Book Collective. International Center of Photography, New York.

2011. “No Me Gusta Que Me Encuentren” by Chiara Rizo-Patrón. Bash Magazine, Lima.




Ella Cisneros Fontanals Collection, Miami. 

Astrid y Gastón Restaurant, Lima.

Rafael Restaurant, Lima.

Private Collections in Lima, New York, Chicago, Bogotá and Santiago.

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